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“The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.” – Khalil Gibran

Since being exposed to this great line, it has resonated with me on many occasions. It is especially relevant when I observe the reality that faces us young professionals around the world today. From joining a crowded job market, to the desire to lead a socially meaningful life, while feeling the financial squeeze from multiple angles, the faculties that make up a mini-crisis are creeping on our generation. Yet in every crisis, lies an opportunity – ours can become to reform and engage.
For our generation, the increase in our social sensitivity has had many effects, but one which we need less of, is passive responsiveness. There are countless issues to make oneself aware of; build a passion from, and eventually take action for, but our methods sometimes only reach as far as raising more awareness. Too many people are in phase one of raising awareness that there aren’t enough people in stage two, building passion, and stage three, taking action.
So if you find yourself a recent graduate, congratulations!…but as you try to find that balance of starting a career with the urge to be socially useful while living financially sound, that same general approach should be used in how we become socially useful. We should spread ourselves out across the board to have a more effective approach. Movaar’s approach takes that into consideration and has tried to apply it in Washington D.C. Although operations in D.C. have been slow, the effort is still very much alive and will continue on until 2013. By Summer 2013, it is hoped that Movaar D.C. will be independently running. So if you would like to be a part of that or have suggestions for how we could do that better to increase our volunteer base (something our efforts are still very heavily focused on), please go on the site to communicate your advise.

Thanks to all those who commented on the debut post, please continue to share your thoughts!

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