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The Skills Formation Program (S.F.P.)

The Skills Formation Program (S.F.P.) is a 12-week (52 hour) skills program designed to increase the academic prospects and employability of youth.

Specialization Pathways Program

The Specialization Pathways Program accepts students from the S.F.P. and provides them with education counselling, and resources to succeed at vocational/professional training or higher education level.

The Project Incubator Program

The Project Incubator Program builds upon student projects developed during the S.F.P, which are at this stage provided with further support that will propel them to become income-generating activities.

The Training and Development Programs

The Training and Development Programs offer career development and social entrepreneurship training for young entrepreneurs and job seekers. It also houses our Coaching and Facilitation Training for prospective S.F.P. Coaches.

MOVAAR is an initiative designed to support capabilities in communities around the world that help to create local solutions for development challenges. Our objective is to transform networks of communities and the actors within them to be change-makers and support that process by facilitating the formation of sustainable relationships. Movaar holds the youth of those communities as their most powerful capability and places them at the heart of our mission.
Supporting capabilities for entrepreneur-led development by building upon individual and community potential through skills formation and training.
i. Education ii. Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise iii. Local Leadership

D.C. is a great place for organizations to come and flourish. I’m currently in Washington D.C. doing an internship at Search for Common Ground through the SUNY Brookport Washington Semester Program and I’ve brought MOVAAR with me.
This initiate is a way to keep you posted about how MOVAAR is trying to grow its presence and again we find ourselves in Washington D.C. You may recall that towards the end of 2011 MOVAAR was presented at the Hostelling Youth Conference and earlier that same year at the International Student Conference in Virginia.
Over the coming weeks, the plan is to start building a base in Washington and use the campus club initiate as a tool to grow the organization with students. Another focus will be to network on behalf of MOVAAR and hope to recruit staff and volunteers. Finally, a fundraiser will be planned for May in attempts to gain exposure and generate funds as part of our start-up phase. Please continue your support and if you haven’t checked out the site for our new look, please do and send in your comments!

Greetings from D.C.

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